Reliable SSH Tunnel for Raspberry Pi

Aug 2019

You install raspbian on a brand-new Raspberry Pi. When you plug it into power and the ethernet jack, it's online, but how do YOU get into it?

Over the years I've resorted to:

  • giving my Pi a static IP -- which breaks when I put it on a different network
  • scanning the network with nmap
  • running a DHCP server with netmasq on my laptop's ethernet port (probably a USB one) and then sharing my wireless connection with the Pi to get it online

Recently, I decided I'd like to just get my Pi online and have it open a reverse-tunnel to itself. I found a few guides to do this, but none quite put all the pieces together. There is even a paid service to do this!

However, this is actually quite easy. I put the script necessary to do this, plus the instructions, in this repo. Hope it helps!

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